About us

Who we are?

We are Canapelux, a custom furniture company made up of a team of passionate and talented people, lovers of beauty and uniqueness. Our story begins in 1991 in the Republic of Moldova, and we have been on the Romanian market since 2014, where we have over 12,000 customers and orders delivered in the country and abroad.

We like challenges, difficult projects that require careful adaptation to space, and complex production processes, which involve different functionalities adapted to the needs and lifestyle of the client.

Our team

Ne-am dezvoltat frumos pe parcursul anilor alături de colegii noștri care cresc în număr de la an la an, alături de fiecare client care ne pășește pragul, fiind încurajați mereu de proiecte frumoase finalizate cu succes.

Suntem o echipă numeroasă dintre care 12 designer calificați, consilieri, ingineri și proiectanți, toți profesioniști în domeniul său, pregătiți să te ajute la fiecare pas spre obținerea piesei de mobilier perfecte pentru tine.

The work process

The work process begins with the advice of the client by the designer and engineer. At this stage, we will help you choose the products you need according to the desired aesthetic style (modern, classic, Scandinavian, baroque, minimalist, industrial, etc.), functionality (daily sleeping, occasional, etc.), and budget, all these without compromising on quality and without choosing a product totally different from what the original customer wanted.

Our products

The structure of our products is very solid, in the construction of sofas, entering only the best quality materials: iron, wood, or chipboard depending on the complexity and functionality of the product.

Personalize your comfort

We want to offer you complete services: establishing the usefulness of the space to be arranged (commercial or family home), designing furniture, choosing colors, choosing finishes (wallpaper, curtains, carpets, appliances, etc.) and their implementation.

We are waiting for you at one of our work points to offer you customized solutions by creating a harmonious and perfectly functional environment.
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